Biotechnology Is Murder: A Ben Candidi Mystery (Ben Candidi Mysteries) by Dirk Wyle
Biotechnology Is Murder: A Ben Candidi Mystery (Ben Candidi Mysteries)
Author: Dirk Wyle
Title: Biotechnology Is Murder: A Ben Candidi Mystery (Ben Candidi Mysteries)
ISBN10: 1568250452
ISBN13: 978-1568250458
Format: .PDF .EPUB .FB2
Publisher: Rainbow Books (December 1, 1999)
Language: English
Size pdf: 1564 kb
Size epub: 1766 kb
Rating: 4.2 ✪
Votes: 495
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
**A Tale of Mystery and Suspense from the World of Entrepreneurial Drug Development** One week before receiving his Ph.D. in pharmacology, Ben Candidi is offered a high-paying, four-day consulting job. Ben will consult for Brian Broadmoore, M.D., a Boston biomedical venture capitalist who has come to Miami on business. Dr. Broadmoore has bought an option to purchase BIOTECH, a Miami-based biotechnology company. BIOTECH has patents on three compounds from sponge extracts that show promise as a cure for cancer.

BIOTECH's price is $20 million. Dr. Broadmoore's option to purchase will run out in four days. He will pay Ben $24,000 to visit BIOTECH and check out their scientific claims. Ben goes to work. After auditing BIOTECH's records for one day, he confirms dramatic tumor shrinkage in animals. And the patents check out. Everything checks out except for BIOTECH's key personnel. The president is a gruff-mannered construction tycoon. The head scientist dresses like a f! ashion model and has an attitude to match. And BIOTECH's inventor is as helpful as a bad guy in a karate movie.

On the second day of the job, Ben wonders why Dr. Broadmoore hired him on such short notice. And what happened to Ben's predecessor? And why won't Dr. Broadmoore give him a straight answer? On the third day, Ben is caught in a web of murder and high-stakes intrigue. Dirk Wyle describes a high-tech, multi-player gamble to transform a $50,000 discovery into a $200-million stock offering. He takes the reader on an exciting treasure-hunt in uncharted territory between the lab bench, clinic, patent office, and executive suite.