Tainy Iazycheskoi Rusi: by Iu.V., Mizun, Iu.G Mizun
Tainy Iazycheskoi Rusi:
Author: Iu.V., Mizun, Iu.G Mizun
Title: Tainy Iazycheskoi Rusi:
ISBN10: 5783807346
ISBN13: 978-5783807343
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Publisher: Veche (2000)
Language: Russian
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The definition of Ancient Russian religion as pagan, according to the author, is erroneous and insulting. It was monotheistic and contained the cult of the Divine Mother. The princes and Tsars have introduced Christianity to enslave the people. The main sources for the history of the true Russian faith is the Russian Vedas, which was older than the Hindu Vedas. Now there are more than 1,000 volumes of unpublished books of Russian Vedas, beginning with famous "Book of Veles" The religion of Russian ancestors was profoundly moral and just. All historians who negate the authenticity of the 'Book of Veles" are foreign enemies of Russian people or traitors. The authors are also convinced that the Scythians were ancestors of the Slavs and of the Russian people. They are reconstructing the oldest history of Russians based on the text of the "Book of Veles", its religion and cult, folks festivities, rituals, customs and signs, fortune telling, charms. The authors' main goal is the restoration of a united ethnic community, Soviet people, based on the ancient Russian religion of the Truth and of the highest moral values.