The Role of the Ombudsman in Nigeria: by Redress of Grievances
The Role of the Ombudsman in Nigeria:
Author: Redress of Grievances
Title: The Role of the Ombudsman in Nigeria:
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This study reviews the Nigerian legal tradition before and after the advent of the British colonial administration. After gaining independence from British colonial rule, the government did not deviate from the established practice of the colonial administration in relation to the protection of the rights of the citizens. The only available channel for citizens to challenge arbitrary and capricious action of administrative officials is the ordinary courts of law. Justice in administrative areas under this arrangement often seems slow and wanting. Therefore, the military government instituted a commission of enquiry to analyze and find ways to improve the situation which recommended the establishment of the institution of the Ombudsman. The study shows the necessity of changes which must occur in order to further enhance the impact of the FCC on grievance resolution. The FCC must become autonomous from the civil service structure, and provisions must be made to increase the legal powers and jurisdictional competence of the FCC, A vigorous publicity campaign must be mounted to keep the public abreast of the functions of the FCC. A team of competent, aggressive, and enterprising personnel must be attracted to the FCC to enhance efficiency and professionalism.