The Admiral Gift, Vol 1: Today's First-Century Apostle by Bertril A. Baird
The Admiral Gift, Vol 1: Today's First-Century Apostle
Author: Bertril A. Baird
Title: The Admiral Gift, Vol 1: Today's First-Century Apostle
ISBN10: 1608999580
ISBN13: 978-1608999583
Format: .PDF .EPUB .FB2
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Pub (October 1, 2010)
Language: English
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Size epub: 1276 kb
Rating: 4.4 ✪
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Category: Religion & Spirituality
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Description: Apostles! Didn't they all die out at the end of the first century? Didn't I hear a person using that title on my radio? Today, this theological debate rages: in these last days, is God again raising up apostles with first-century capabilities? Certainly Bertril Baird knows the answer. In a ministry spanning five decades, this ""Admiral"" has brought hope and deliverance throughout the Caribbean region, the Americas, Africa, and India. God has uniquely prepared him to take up this debate. Thanks to his countless stories, in-depth biblical and historical knowledge, as well as balanced perspective, you will gain fresh insights into the mindset, outcomes, and supernatural tools needed to exercise the Admiral Gift. Endorsements: A friend of Prime Ministers, Congresspersons, scientists, healthcare experts, educators, and theologians, Bertril Baird has been an inspiration to me for decades. Read his book and you will know why he has the respect of leaders from the UN to Cameroon. -The Honorable Walter E. Fauntroy, Pastor, personal representative of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; advisor to US Presidents and U.S. House and Senate leadership; a founding member of the U. S. Congressional Black Caucus; and a Civil Rights and Human Rights Activist for more than 50 years. Bertril Baird has provided us with a valuable reference tool that defines and identifies the apostolic office and functions. Put this book in a prominent place on your desk, because you will be referring to it regularly. - Jerry Horner, PhD, a founding Dean of the School of Divinity at Regent University. He has also served as Chairman of the Theology Departments at ORU and Southwest Baptist University In a day when so much is shaking loose, God is again raising up first-century apostles. Thanks to Bertril Baird's highly readable, well researched analysis, we learn how this spiritual office advances the Kingdom. Discovering that the church, like Cinderella, has this new prince-like gift at work will refresh your hope. -Bishop C. Milton Grannum, EdD, PhD New Covenant Church of Philadelphia You are about to discover what I have observed for 54 years: Bertril's ability to transform lives and nations through his excellent teaching, his faith in the power of God's Word, and his access to the Holy Spirit's heart-penetrating touch. -Eric St. Cyr, Professor, PhD, University of West Indies, Baird Ministries, Leader Compellingly told! A scholarly, practical, and Scriptural treatment of a subject that Baird has learned by serving the nations of the world for five decades -Dan Wooding, author, broadcaster, and journalist. The Admiral Gift opened my eyes to how strategic is this gift for Africa, India, and the Americas. Great stories; I recommend it heartily. - Dale W. Kietzman PhD, Missionary Statesman, Bible Translator, Speaker, Author, Exec. Vice Pres., William Carey International University and catalyst to the ministries of Brother Andrew, Corrie ten Boom, and Open Doors. About the Contributor(s): Apostle Bertril Baird is a recognized minister, pastoral mentor, an advisor to Caribbean Governments, and United Nations consultant, and sits on many regional and international boards. Traveling globally, he conducts Biblical World View Seminars, addressing Parliaments, and helping multitudes to find healing and wholeness through his spiritual gifts and insights into the health sciences. He oversees a Bible College, Research Institute, and multifaceted media ministry. His awards include the International Peace Prize by the United Cultural Convention, and Distinguished Service Award by the International Third World Leaders Association.