The Sorceress: A Novel (Zane Presents) by Allison Hobbs
The Sorceress: A Novel (Zane Presents)
Author: Allison Hobbs
Title: The Sorceress: A Novel (Zane Presents)
ISBN10: 1593091753
ISBN13: 978-1593091750
Format: .PDF .EPUB .FB2
Publisher: Strebor Books (November 17, 2009)
Language: English
Size pdf: 1824 kb
Size epub: 1353 kb
Rating: 4.6 ✪
Votes: 457
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: United States
A graphically sensual tale blending the paranormal with breathtaking suspense.

Jennifer Darnell accepts a nanny position for one of the most powerful political couples in Philadelphia. The little boy she's hired to care for has been diagnosed as autistic but his sinister behavior has Jen suspecting that the child is in cahoots with the devil.

After sighting a naked woman running across a bridge in broad daylight, Jen is convinced she's losing her mind. But when she bumps into a gorgeous police officer who admits to seeing the woman, too, Jen is moderately comforted. While she and the hot-looking cop attempt to unravel the mystery, sparks fly between them, and a steamy love affair begins.

Meanwhile, Eris, the fallen goddess from The Enchantress has been languishing on the Dark Realm. Yearning for revenge against the Stovall family, she escapes her hellish holding place.

Now back with a vengeance, Eris is on the prowl for sex and blood. Using her powers of deception and intoxicating sexual deviancy, she easily bends the will of both men and woman. But when she sets her sights on Jen's man, the young nanny fights back...but can she win?

Though merely a child, Kali Stovall is at the top of Eris's hit list. Eris's reign of sexual terror and dominion seems unstoppable unless someone or something equally powerful comes forward to challenge her. Can this child and the other innocent victims be rescued from Eris's depraved rampage?