Battle Mage: A tale of Alus by Donald L Wigboldy Jr
Battle Mage: A tale of Alus
Author: Donald L Wigboldy Jr
Title: Battle Mage: A tale of Alus
ISBN10: 1448696682
ISBN13: 978-1448696680
Format: .PDF .EPUB .FB2
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 4, 2011)
Language: English
Size pdf: 1726 kb
Size epub: 1298 kb
Rating: 4.3 ✪
Votes: 268
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Women's Fiction
Sebastian was just a boy when the wizards came and took him to the school of magic. Without the magical power to become a full wizard, the boy spent years training with the weapons of a soldier. He was also trained in the lesser magic of a battle mage. Considered inferior by the wizards, the poor apprentice found his days plagued by Magnus and his wizard friends. Magical pranks continued to follow his days as he trained harder and harder to prove himself. With the Dark Emperor's hordes threatening the Great Wall once more, Sebastian finds himself on an apprentice's first journey to the guardian forts of the Wall. An uncomfortable trip to Windmeer fortress is made all the more difficult as his childhood bully, the wizard Magnus tags along. When friendship blooms with Yara, a female wizard that also has Magnus' eye, will Sebastian find himself fighting more than just the Dark One's hordes?