Thirteen Lessons on Political Islam by Bill Warner, Editor, Ph.D.
Thirteen Lessons on Political Islam
Author: Bill Warner, Editor, Ph.D.
Title: Thirteen Lessons on Political Islam
ISBN10: 0979579457
ISBN13: 978-0979579455
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Publisher: CSPI Publishing (April 1, 2008)
Language: English
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A Mini-Course
This book is adapted from the second level of the Self-Study Course on Political Islam. [If you have that book, you don’t need this one.] When you are done, you will know the key facts of Islam, including Mohammed, the basics of jihad, the treatment of women and Islamic slavery. You will understand how the ethics of Islam allow Muslims to deceive and harm kafirs (unbelievers).

The Five Principles of Political Islam
Islam is primarily a political ideology. This fact comes from scientific analysis of Islam’s doctrine.
The same analysis shows that Islam is based upon five ideas or principles. When you know these Five Principles, you will understand Islam. All of the confusion disappears when you have the map of the Five Principles.

All of Islam is found in three books—the Koran and two books about Mohammed—the Trilogy.
Most of Islam is political, not religious.
Non-Muslims are kafirs, the worst of people.
Ethical dualism permits kafirs to be treated two different ways.
Political Islam pressures kafirs to submit in all public matters.

These Five Principles can be put in five words—Trilogy, politics, kafir, duality and submission. When you understand those five words, you will understand political Islam. The Five Principles make a complex subject easy to learn. The Five Principles give you a powerful method to understand political Islam and persuade others.

There is a companion CD set: Thirteen Talks on Political Islam