Bachelorette Party Games And Activities by Courtney Cooke
Bachelorette Party Games And Activities
Author: Courtney Cooke
Title: Bachelorette Party Games And Activities
ISBN10: 0671318187
ISBN13: 978-0671318185
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Publisher: Meadowbrook (February 1, 2000)
Language: English
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Category: Humor & Entertainment
Subcategory: Puzzles & Games
Group Activities
Barhopping Scavenger Hunt

Take the bride-to-be out to one or more bars dressed in an inexpensive white veil and T-shirt on which individually wrapped Lifesavers have been sewn. Give her a list of embarrassing things to do: invite men to bite the candy off her shirt; order a drink with a kinky name; obtain from different men a condom, pair of underpants, phone numbers, and so on. If there's music, she must dance with the homeliest guy at the bar. (Note: Bars often waive cover charges for parties arriving in a limousine.)
Carve Your Favorite Body Part
Place several different vegetables in a bowl (for example, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, bell peppers, zucchini, gourds, pumpkins, carrots, and so on). Instruct the guests to select a vegetable and a paring knife. Then, tell them to sculpt a sexy body part in not more than fifteen or twenty minutes. When everyone's finished, assemble all the sculptures on a table and have guests vote to select the prizewinners.
Condom on a Cucumber
Blindfold the guests and give each of them a wrapped condom and a cucumber. Tell them to remove the condom from its wrapper and place it properly on the cucumber. The fastest time wins a prize.
Name that Sex Toy
Place an assortment of sex toys in a large plastic garbage bag. Tie the bag shut. Ask the guests (one at a time) to feel around the outside of the bag and write down what toys they think are inside. Time limit: two to five minutes per person. The most correct answers wins a prize.
Pin the Penis on the Man
Hang a poster of a nude male model on a bulletin board. Cut out a cardboard penis and attach a pin to one end. Then, blindfold the guests one at a time, position them ten feet from the poster, and have them try to pin the penis on the model. The closest placement wins a prize.