Twenty Reproducible Assessment Instruments for the New Work Culture by Philip R. Harris
Twenty Reproducible Assessment Instruments for the New Work Culture
Author: Philip R. Harris
Title: Twenty Reproducible Assessment Instruments for the New Work Culture
ISBN10: 0874259894
ISBN13: 978-0874259896
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Publisher: Human Resource Development Pr; Lslf edition (January 1995)
Language: English
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Category: Business & Money
Subcategory: Human Resources
This collection of reproducible assessment instruments will: Stimulate participant's thinking and awareness about themselves and others Provide objective feedback about behavior and performance

Serve as a basis for discussion and learning, as well as for personal and organizational development

The twenty assessments in this collection are divided into four sections. The first , Personal Assessment, contains seven instruments to help individuals learn about themselves in order to more effectively acquire new competencies and meet the challenge of change. The second, Team Assessment, contains four complimentary instruments to help both team leaders and team members understand the dynamics of the group process. The third section, Management Assessment, provides five instruments which may be used by individual managers for self-assessment of their managerial role and effectiveness. The final section, Organizational Assessment, includes four instruments which can be used by HRD specialists or top management to evaluate a company's climate, clarify one's position in the system, and improve meeting management.

The Assessments:

Human Resources Inventory
Leadership Motivation Inventory
Values Imprint Survey
Quality of Life Index
Relocation Preparation Index
Change Inventory for Leaders
Force Field Analysis Invetory
Group Maturity Analysis
Individual Behavior Analysis
Team Performance Survey
Team Synergy Analysis Inventory
High Performance Management Inventory
Management Communications Inventory
Managing People Skills Inventory
Intercultural Relations Inventory
Inventory of Transformational Management Skills
Organizational Culture Survey
Organizational Role & Relationships Inventory
Organizational Meetings
Management Inventory