Art of North West Coast Indians by Robert Bruce Inverarity
Art of North West Coast Indians
Author: Robert Bruce Inverarity
Title: Art of North West Coast Indians
ISBN10: 0520005945
ISBN13: 978-0520005945
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Publisher: University of California Press (December 1967)
Language: English
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Here is the most complete text and general collection of illustrations of Northwest Coast Indian art written in the last twenty years. The art objects shown and described in this book are to the anthropologist and the artist what original documents are to the historian. Each individual work of art shows in concrete form the speculations about life and nature which took root among these primitive peoples. As such they form part of the vast mosaic of culture patterns of early North America.

Prefacing the illustrations is a text divided into two parts. The first discusses the tribes, their social life, culture, and religion. The second part deals with general aspects of primitive art, as well as the main features of the art of the Northwest Coast Indians. Mr. Inverarity describes and explains their consistent and highly developed use of symbols and the formulas used in their skillful adaptation of designs.