The Horus Road (Lords of the Two Lands, Vol. 3) by Pauline Gedge
The Horus Road (Lords of the Two Lands, Vol. 3)
Author: Pauline Gedge
Title: The Horus Road (Lords of the Two Lands, Vol. 3)
ISBN10: 0140284737
ISBN13: 978-0140284737
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Publisher: Penguin Canada; First Thus edition (August 21, 2001)
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At the end of the Twelfth Dynasty, the Egyptians found themselves in the hands of a foreign power they knew as Setiu, the "Rulers of Uplands."A gradual and mostly bloodless invasion had brought the Setiu kings to power, rulers who cared little for the country as a whole, plundering it for their own ends. By the middle of the Seventeenth Dynasty they are still securely entrenched in Egypt, ruling from their capital, Het-Uart, in the Delta.

But one family in Thebes, claiming descent from the last true King in Egypt, cannot accept the rule of the Setiu king Apepa.

Lords of the Two Lands, Pauline Gedge's three-volume epic, chronicles the courageous and often tragic struggle of the Tao Princes, Seqenenra and his sons Kamose and Ahmose, to free their country from the reign of the Setiu.

In The Horus Road, the riveting final volume of the trilogy, Ahmose vows to continue the struggle that has taken the lives of his father and brother Kamose. He knows that he must lay seige to the Setiu capital, Het-Uart, and break through its formidable defences. But military might alone will not be enough to breach the city's walls. He will need a miracle from Amun. Nor can he imagine how devious Apepa will be in his attempt to rob the Tao family of its chance at total victory.

Impeccably researched, flawlessly crafted, The Horus Road concludes Pauline Gedge's fascinating epic tale set against the glorious sweep of Egyptian history.