The Demise of Imam Faustus by Matthew Wilkinson
The Demise of Imam Faustus
Author: Matthew Wilkinson
Title: The Demise of Imam Faustus
ISBN10: 0955481805
ISBN13: 978-0955481802
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Publisher: Exposure Publishing (December 7, 2006)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.5 ✪
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Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Dramas & Plays
The story of 'Faust' has become an important part of modern European mythology as the tale of a man who sold his soul to the devil in return for unlimited power and wealth. Here Faustus rears his head once more at a moment of religious controversy when the role of religion-and of Islam in particular-in society is the subject of fierce debate. The Demise of Imam Faustus, a drama by Matthew Wilkinson deals unashamedly with religious themes: the relationship of man with God and the impact of his conduct in this life on the eternal destination of his soul. This play was written for performance by British Muslim secondary school students with the specific aim of immersing them in the core religious concepts of Islam by means of a narrative that is fun, relevant and challenging to their powers of English expression and artistic presentation. Yet it is hoped that the play's use and enjoyment are not restricted to the Muslim community, but that it strikes a chord with anyone who has thought about the potential perils of power, who has reflected upon moral issues of right and wrong in our contemporary world and who has confronted the ultimate unchanging questions of life and death that are dealt with by literature, philosophy and religion. The Demise of Imam Faustus contains a foreword by Professor Tariq Ramadan and accompanying student notes. Reviews "The creative spirit of Islam is rarely manifest in public nowadays and is mostly encountered in a fossilised state in museums and history books. It is, therefore, excellent to find a new breath of inspiration blowing of our contemporary Muslim writers, Matthew Wilkinson." - Dr.Yusuf Islam, Chairman Waqf al-Birr "What a hoot! I loved it!" - Aaminah Hernadez, Islamic Writer's Alliance About the Author Matthew Wilkinson was born in London in 1969. He was a King's Scholar at Eton College, and was awarded a scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge and then attended the London Metropolitan University. He is currently studying for a PhD in Education Studies at King's College, London. He has been the Head of History and Drama at the Brondesbury College, Brent, London since 2004. Matthew is the author of three plays for young people-The Demise of Imam Faustus, The Tale of Offa, King of Mercia and The Trial of Charles I- and one adult drama-On a Point of Honour-and has had a number of poems and short stories published. He has been a committed, practising Muslim since he embraced Islam in 1991.