Is the Two-State Solution Already Dead? by Hasan Afif El-Hasan
Is the Two-State Solution Already Dead?
Author: Hasan Afif El-Hasan
Title: Is the Two-State Solution Already Dead?
ISBN10: 0875867936
ISBN13: 978-0875867939
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Publisher: Algora Publishing (July 1, 2010)
Language: English
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Books on the Palestinian conflict tend to focus on one historical period and blame one side or another for the Palestinians' predicament. This work fills the need for a source that tells a comprehensive story of the conflict since the nineteenth century, when Zionism was conceived in Europe and Palestine was home for Arab majority and very small Jewish minority. It reviews and analyzes the histories of Arab nationalism, Zionism, Palestinian nationalism, and the roles played by Jordan and Egypt in the Palestinian conflict over the years.

In this history of Palestine, the author shows that both sides of the conflict as well as the international community share the blame for the failure to bring the issue to a just conclusion. Most of the responsibility, he says, lies at the door of the Palestinian leaders themselves, who seem to suffer from institutionalized incompetence in dealing with the Israelis; and the Israelis are to be blamed for their refusal to transform their colonial enterprise into reconciliation politics by acknowledging the claims of the indigenous Palestinian people. At the same time, there is every sign that this impasse was deliberately created at the outset by the international community, led by Great Britain, in the endless game of divide and rule.

Unlike many optimistic writers who expect US President Barack Obama and his administration to find a just solution to the conflict, the author concludes that the Obama Administration would have to reverse the traditional US policy in the Middle East entirely if it is to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Delving into the historical background behind all the parties to the issue, the book provides much-needed background for understanding news events today and basic information that even human rights activists and peace organizations may not have fully appreciated.

Throughout, the author seeks to transcend his ethnicity and deal fairly with the positions of people holding different worldviews.