Callabran's Prophecy by Michael L Vlasek, Laura L Newman
Callabran's Prophecy
Author: Michael L Vlasek, Laura L Newman
Title: Callabran's Prophecy
ISBN10: 1479178918
ISBN13: 978-1479178919
Format: .PDF .EPUB .FB2
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 23, 2012)
Language: English
Size pdf: 1353 kb
Size epub: 1395 kb
Rating: 3.9 ✪
Votes: 425
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Twenty years of peace have followed the end of the Simerath’s bloody reign. Prosperity and goodwill have flourished. But the winds of change are rapidly approaching. When Lord Errow realizes the sun-line is rising and the surrounding Impenetrable Mountains’ vast domain of snow and ice is melting, everyone quickly remembers Callabran’s chilling prophecy of long ago. A warning from a dying man who comes to Terracul from beyond the Impenetrable Mountains sets into motion a change of events destined to lead High Lord Pylak, Lady Koralei, and many others on a desperate quest to find the mysterious Amphorsway. They must claim the Sunball before the evil Lords of Darkon can capture the Mother Gem and merge it with their Singing Stone to form the ultimate power. Jandabuer, the half-breed from the fickle waters of the Cragmire, and the Yarbo tigers are sought to lead the expedition. But neither can be found, and High Lord Pylak must reluctantly turn to an old, traitorous nemesis to guide them. The race is soon on across the deadly, desolate wastes of the rapidly-changing Impenetrable Mountains. Who will find the long-lost Amphorsway and its treasure first? Will it be the Lords of Darkon, High Lord Pylak’s brave adventurers, or another secret group — the rebels of Graygun and their legendary leader, Ryger?