Voltei (Portuguese Edition) by Francisco Cândido Xavier
Voltei (Portuguese Edition)
Author: Francisco Cândido Xavier
Title: Voltei (Portuguese Edition)
ISBN10: 857328580X
ISBN13: 978-8573285802
Format: .PDF .EPUB .FB2
Publisher: FEB (October 1, 2008)
Language: Portuguese
Size pdf: 1585 kb
Size epub: 1898 kb
Rating: 4.7 ✪
Votes: 543
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Is there life after death? If life goes on, where does the spirit, which survives death, go? Is it easier for a Spiritist to face the afterlife? Find out the answers to these questions in this revealing work. The spirit author returns from the “greater world” through Francisco Candido Xavier’s psychography in order to enlighten us on interesting topics such as: • Disengagement from the physical body • The return to the spirit world·• Meeting one’s friends • Obstacles to mediumistic exchange • Readjustment to the new life. Brother Jacob warns us about the need for self-improvement so that we may have a happier return to the spirit world.